Air Freight

Reliable air freight service, providing fast and secure delivery with flexible options

Our Products

The partnerships with reliable and top class carriers allow us to offer diversified and high-quality air options to balance the rate and delivery speed that will be best suited to customer requirements.

Economical Air Freight

For your more relaxed and time-extended cargo requirements, we have a dedicated affordable economy option

Standard Air Freight

We provide a premium service to fulfill your requirements for rapid, time-efficient deliveries

Urgent Air Freight

Regardless of the size or frequency of your cargo, we will meet all your urgent and time-critical cargo requirements.

We Do More for You

What you choose us, even if you need more around air services,we will go above and beyond to customize a perfect delivery.We do each and everything to make your whole transportation experience to meet your expectations.

Air Freight Forwarding Simplified

International air shipping can be a complicated process,with administration, regulations and finding the most economical pricing and routing to contend with. we understand how stressful this can be, so let us simplify your logistics for you.
Our highly-experienced team is capable is capable of assisting with every part of the shipping process. Therefore, you need not panic as we assure of reliable and completely trouble-free service.

Why China Freight

Hassle-Free Service

As your trusted partner, we always submit hassle-free service by seamlessly managing the entire shipping process, form booking, to pickup and delivery, to customs and documentation and beyond.

On-Time Delivery

Deadlines matter in this business world. Therefore, we only work with the credible and reliable carries to ensure that your goods are safely delivered on time, in time and every time.

Competitive Prices

Spending years in industry to create long-term contracts with highly reputed carriers; with a large quantity of goods delivered every year...all of these contribut to our competitive prices.

What are you waiting for?

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