Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder

We’ve streamlined the fulfillment process so you can focus on growing your business.


Here you will know our FBA shipping/forward service process well

1: Contact with us

Contact with us or fill our free quote form, we will arrange one of sales follow your quote and jobs.

2: Confirm goods into

Confirm shipping way, item detail, cartons dimensions, weight etc.

3: Confirm services

Confirm the additional services you need, such like repack, labels, storage, consolidate etc.

4: Initial offer

We will give you the price list base the info you told us.

5: warehouse receiving

Notice your supplier to send your cargo to our warehouse

6: Job before shipment

We will check your cargo and finish the addition services as you asked

7: Final invoice

We will send you the final invoice file

8: Confirm payment

Our accounting will confirm your payment

9: Delivery

We will send out your cargo, when the cargo arrive the target country, we will give you the waybill number so that you can track them

Everything you need, all in one place.

We are your single source provide from pick-up, to cargo Inspection to preparation 6 labeing to delivery of your products to Amazon FBA around the world
Our specialists maintain transparency and consistent contact with you every step of the way, while caring for every aspect of your shipping process. We have a solution for every shipping challenge

No matter your shipping challenge

we have a solution for you

Sea Freight

We partner with premium carriers around the world to offer the most competitive rates and secure space for all your sea shipping needs, whether it is FCL OLCL

Air Freight

We offer premium and flexible air freight services to ensure your time-sensitive cargo be shipped to you with the best routing, pricing and delivery timelines

Express Service

We work with DHL, UPS, and FedEx to provide a multitude of express services along with tracking and international door to-door solutions to fit your needs


We handle inventory management, orderpicking packaging and related services for ecommerce sellers ultimately depends on your needs.

Prep & Labeling

We offer everything you will need to prepare your products to meet Amazon’s requirements

FNSKU Labeling

We can print and attach FNSKU labeling to each of your items or poly bags, adding master carton labels when required.

Warning and Other Labels

We can print and attach suffocation warning labels or Made in China stickers to every item or polybag in your order


We can bundle products of the same or different types into one package. This is a commonly used method to add value to your products

Poly Bagging

We can package each product into an FBAapproved polybag. This is required if you have any loose items, or items that can come part,


We can put together your product with your customized packaging to make it end user ready

Marketing Materials

We can open each of your packages, and insert an instruction manual thank you cards, or other marketing materials as requested

What are you waiting for?

Get in touch with our Amazon shipping experts now to discuss your requirements and receive a quick quote while you’re at it!