Help you fulfill Chinese luxury dropshipping business easily

Fulfilled products: limited edition sneakers, streetwear, jerseys, bags, and more

How We Help Your Business Grow

Tiksuper handles everything for you. From the moment you have your product ready to sell to the moment your customers receive it at their door. Warehousing, packing, and shipping: we got it! .

Your customer places an order from your online store
Integrate Your Store

Connect your online store to import your products automatically.

Your store automatically sends the order to your dropshipping supplier

Receive Orders

Your customer orders flow seamlessly to our fulfillment system.

Your dropshipping supplier prepares your customer’s order

Send Your Inventory

We source goods from manufacturing plants

Your dropshipping supplier ships the order directly to your customer

Ship Orders

We pick, pack, and ship orders to your customers on your behalf.


Let’s find the products with a much better price and stable source.



We make sure that your products are as ordered and in good condition before shipping out.


We support customizing package. Your products would be ready to sell after labeling, barcoding, etc.


Store your product in our warehouse if you don’t want to ship it right away.



Our shipping can be by express, air, sea, etc. DDP shiping is of great advantage.


If you are dropshipping, we could be your fulfillment center. We have more than you want.

For all Industries and Categories

Are you a DTC brand? Online retail business? Influencer brand? We have your covered.

Brand clothing

branded sneakers

branded watch

Fashion Accessories

Beauty & healthy


ERP Supported Platforms

Auth ERP in your store under 2 minutes, connect any sales channel, and enjoy complete automation as Nichepik syncs with your channels.