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Tiksuper handles everything for you. From the moment you have your product ready to sell to the moment your customers receive it at their door. Warehousing, packing, and shipping: we got it! .

Your customer places an order from your online store
Get A Quote

Provide free quotes for orders from your online store.

Your store automatically sends the order to your dropshipping supplier

Receive Orders

Your customer orders flow seamlessly to our fulfillment system.

Your dropshipping supplier prepares your customer’s order

product purchase

Stock your products at any of our global warehouses.

Your dropshipping supplier ships the order directly to your customer

Ship Orders

We pick, pack, and ship orders to your customers on your behalf.

Kick to Start Your Way to Fulfillment Sucess

Our end-to-end fulfillment service manages everything from storing inventory, processing orders, customized pick and pack, shipping, to returns.
Easy and helpful onboarding
Our software syncs effortlessly with your sales channels. Start managing all your orders in one place. Our system lets you manage your e-commerce processes right from the warehouse to the customer’s doorstep.
Efficient order management
Our system lets you manage your e-commerce processes right from the warehouse to the customer’s doorstep.
Distrubuted inventory
Ship your inventory to any combination of our warehouses worldwide. NextSmartShip’s inventory management software provides visibility into inventory levels and units sold per day. With better inventory, you’ll always know when to restock, and never miss out on potential sales.
Timely delivery and return
The fulfillment process starts on the same day an order is placed. We’ ll pack it at the closest fulfillment center, and ship it with the quickest and most affordable method. A tracking number gets automatically updated onto your store, notifying your customer. We make returns easy too with our return management services.
Customized services
Customization is the key to standing out. Brief us on your requirements and we will make it happen. Give your customers a memorable unboxing experience with our customized packaging and kitting service. Ready for your next 5-star review?

For all Industries and Categories

Are you a DTC brand? Online retail business? Influencer brand? We have your covered.

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Fashion Accessories

Beauty & Personal Care

Sports & Outdoors

Pet Supplies

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ERP Supported Platforms

Auth ERP in your store under 2 minutes, connect any sales channel, and enjoy complete automation as Nichepik syncs with your channels.

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