That Helps You Source & Ship Anything From China


We handle full order on your behalf while you concentrate on the marketing aspect. You sell your items in any eCommerce platform, We find your items, We fulfill your items, and we keep you updated!

China Sourcing

Tiksuper manages your production from inquiry to delivering to your doorstep. We provide a full range of services from sourcing existing products to manufacturing for your company.

Inventory management

Tiksuper dropshipping agent has a big warehouse in China. A variety of products are purchased and stored there. So we can provide wholesale prices with no minimum order required. Online business owners don’t need to store products and it reduces the cost of inventory. It make things easier to start a dropshipping business.

Quality control

High quality products of dropship companies are not simply obtained. In addition to the procurement team’s careful selection, the quality control team has also been working hard. There are two inspection steps within Tiksuper dropshipping services. One is after receiving the goods and before entering the warehouse. The other is after selling products and before drop shippers deliver them.

Product Photography

Improve your conversion rate with Tiksuper professional photography service! Our studio located in China and specialize in product photography for eCommerce platforms. We are open minded for any special requirement


There are many delivery methods with different ship times you can choose. In many countries like United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, EU countries and others,Tiksuper has developed its own Express Shipping Channel. Thus, we can shorten the average shipping times to 5-8 days. All packages are shipped under the name of your online store, but not the dropshipping company.

Free brand integration

We will permanently provide a personalized brand for free and integrate it into your packaging to make your brand stand out in the easiest, most effective and most economical way.

Private Storage

Private Storage allows for up to 4 days faster delivery by eliminating processing time. You can lock-in wholesale prices and avoid out of stock.