General process of China Sourcing

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Step 1 by client
Post your sourcing request

Just use ”sourcing” feature to post your sourcing requests, add sourcing URL or product images, then submit the request. We’ll respond to you within 48 hours.

Step 2 by Tiksuper
Quote in 48 hour

After we receive your sourcing requests, we’ll quote and update the products for you within 48 hours, you’ll receive a notification email after quotation.

Step 3 by client
Pre-order and sampling

If necessary, you can make a test qurchase to check the product quality, shipping time, etc.

Step 4 by client
Confirm the order

When you’re ready to order in bulk, please add the products to cart and select shipping option, then pay the order. When the total weight of the order is over 30kg, you’ll need to submit a manual quote, input your shipping time requirement, budget, etc and pay the order you after you get the shipping quote.

Step 5 by client
Sourcing & Quality control

When we receive your order, we’ll source and deliver the items to do quality check, we’ll remove all the invoices and marketing labels before shipping.

Step 6 by Tiksuper
Free Storage

If you don’t want to ship all items one time, we can keep the items at our warehouse, it’s completely free.

Step 7 by Tiksuper

We’ll ship the order once everything is ready, the tracking number will update to Tiksuper after shipment, the parcel can be tracked there.

Step 8 by Client
Problem Report

If there are any problems for the order, you can submit problem report, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.